If you find yourself on the highway with a flat tire, make sure you know the steps to take in order to get the car and yourself to safety as quick as possible. When you cannot reach our German car repair shop serving Chicago immediately, follow these tips to ensure you can drive on a spare.

Slow Down

When you think you’ve gotten a flat, slow down and make sure you put on your hazards to notify the drivers around you as you make your way to safe grounds.

Grip The Steering Wheel

Firmly grip the steering wheel to make sure you have full control of your vehicle. 

Do Not Slam On The Brakes

Slowly move your foot away from the gas pedal and let your car slow down gradually. This maneuver helps you maintain control and ensures a safer way to stop.

If You Can, Head To Shoulder Or A Safer Area

Watch the traffic carefully as you begin to change lanes and head over to the shoulder. Do not stop in traffic as this can result in a rear-end car accident or side collision with other cars. If you can, drive to a traffic-free area that’s stable and flat as this can save your life. Driving a short distance on a flat tire should be okay as long as you avoid any sudden movements. 

Change Your Tire

If you know how to change your flat tire and put on your spare, make sure you complete this task safely. If you do not know how to change a flat, contact roadside assistance to help you get your car off the road and into a maintenance shop.

Stand Away From Traffic

If you are changing your tire, make sure you are not near or around traffic. If you do not know how to change your tire, wait safely in your car for help to arrive. When you are on a busy road, it’s best to walk to a secure place to avoid the risk of getting hurt.

It may be stressful or risky to get a flat tire on the highway, but it helps to know how to handle it should you ever find yourself in this situation. Make sure you avoid serious injury as you wait for roadside assistance. If you need a German car repair in Chicago, make sure you contact Chicago Motors for help and we will inspect your car to see what type of maintenance is needed.