For many car owners, the cost of repair, although important, is not as important as the finished job. Many people rely on their vehicle and they need it to start and get them from point A to point B safely and efficiently. When you own a Volkswagen, the biggest step in vehicle repair and maintenance satisfaction is finding the best mechanic. It is difficult to pin point any one definitive factor that will guarantee that the shop is the best, but the real truth is that the shop is really no better than the mechanics that are employed there.

  • Match skills with the brand: There are major differences between car brands. You would never expect to find excellent Volkswagen repair in Bucktown by taking your VW to a garage that specializes in domestic vehicles. Always look for a shop that specializes in the car you own.
  • Ask around: Ask for reviews from friends or search for online reviews of different repair shops. However, make sure that you are focusing on the type of car you have. Look for Volkswagen repair shops rather than just car repair shops.
  • Talk to the mechanics: It is difficult to talk directly to mechanics that are employed by larger dealerships; this is usually not the case for those who are employed in an independent shop such as Chicago Motors. Drop in and ask a few questions, such as how long have they been doing Volkswagen repair, are they ASE certified, what is their warranty policy, etc.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau: Perhaps it is due to the number of auto repair shops but unfortunately there are numerous complaints lodged with the BBB. To make sure that the shop you are considering is customer oriented, check the shops rating.
  • Location: Getting your car to the shop and back again is extremely important. If you own a foreign car you may not find a reputable shop in your neighborhood. If this is the case then look for one that either offers a loaner vehicle while your car is being repaired or will pick up your car from your house or your office, do the work, and return it promptly.

If you take a little time and focus on finding a shop that is well known for quality work, you will be able to find a reliable repair shop.

If you are looking for the best place that does Volkswagen repair in Bucktown, you are invited to visit Chicago Motors. Chicago Motors provides all the services that your VW will ever need and they guarantee your satisfaction.