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Car Suspension Service

Your vehicle’s suspension system (i.e., shocks and struts) is a network of parts that provides the smooth, stable ride you have come to expect. These parts support several tons of metal on a daily basis, are subjected to extensive wear and tear, and yet we often take these components for granted. At some point, your shocks will no longer work well, and suspension repair will be necessary to keep your car performing properly.

Many people mistakenly believe that the suspension system’s only function is to provide a smooth ride. However, the vehicle’s suspension system is primarily there to provide stability. Consequently, when your suspension is in need of repair, it can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle properly. This is especially when making turns or when you are coming to a stop.

When to Bring Your Vehicle into a Repair Shop

There are several warning signs that can help you determine when to bring your car in for suspension repair. Many people realize their shocks or struts are wearing out when they begin to notice even the smallest bump feels like hitting a speed hump. A rough ride is a definite signal that your vehicle’s suspension needs repair.

Do you feel as if your vehicle is “drifting” or “pulling” when you make a turn? This indicates that the shocks are no longer stabilizing the vehicle body against the centrifugal force of the turn – increasing your risk for rollover. You may also feel the vehicle lurch downward and forward when you apply the brakes firmly. You may not realize how important this is, but the time it takes to stop can be significantly increased by a bad suspension.

Other indicators of a worn-out suspension are uneven tire wear and greasy or oily shocks or struts (this usually means they are leaking fluid and no longer working properly).

Auto Suspension Inspection

Even if you know that something is wrong with your vehicle suspension, it can be difficult to diagnose exactly what that is without professional help. Along with being a BMW repair shop near Illinois, Chicago Motors provides quality auto suspension repair services for all types of vehicles. Chicago, IL residents can rely on our experienced technicians to provide an accurate diagnosis as well as a professional repair. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, our team will have you back on the road quickly – in a vehicle that is now safe and performing as it should.