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There are many options for your Bosch car service in Chicago, IL. There‚Äôs the dealership where you bought your new car, as well as oil change shops, independent garages and muffler, and transmission shops. However, your best choice is typically a certified Bosch car service center like Chicago Motors Auto Service.

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Find Your Nearest Bosch Car Service Center

Our independently owned Bosch car service center in Chicago, IL, is part of a network of more than 15,000 members throughout the world. This means we have gone through a rigorous certification process that evaluated our customer service, facility design and appearance, and technical skill. We specialize in providing high-quality care for numerous makes and models. We use only the highest quality replacement parts manufactured by Bosch, one of the largest manufacturers of OEM parts.

Bosch Car Service Network

The Bosch car service network remains strong by utilizing a third-party company to inspect the service centers with surprise inspections, as well as scheduled audits. The results of these visits are used to train these facilities to perform even better. This means our Bosch car service center strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and technical know-how.

A Local Bosch Car Service Center

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