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Your brakes need to be in excellent operating condition to keep you safe on the road. However, there comes a time when your brakes wear down, and you need a reliable auto brake repair shop in Chicago, IL, to set things right. At Chicago Motors Auto Service, we offer the auto brake repair you need as fast as possible so you can get back on the road safely.

Signs Your Brakes are Wearing Out

Grinding or Squealing Noises

Your brakes shouldn’t make noise when you press on them. If you press on them and they make a high-pitched, squealing noise or a grinding noise, this is a sign that the brake pads are wearing down. If brake pads get too worn down, they can cause rotor damage which is an expensive fix! It is best to not take any chances and get your brakes fixed right away.

Leaking Fluid

The brake system may begin to leak fluid from the master cylinder when a soft brake pedal begins to develop. If you’re unfamiliar with the master cylinder, it is the unit that helps create the power behind your brakes. As you push down on the brakes, the fluid moves through a small system of piping to create hydraulic pressure. This pressure is necessary in order for the brakes to work, so if too much fluid leaks, the brakes won’t be fully functional. Leaking fluids is just one aspect of a BMW repair in Chicago that we perform.

A Burning Smell While Driving

When your brakes or clutch overheat, they may release a strong chemical smell. If you notice a foul smell coming from your car, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Ensure that your parking brake is not on and give your brakes some time to cool off before driving again. Continuing to drive while your brakes are overheating could end up leading to brake failure which is extremely dangerous! It is best to schedule an appointment with us immediately when you smell something unusual.

Brake Repair Without The Hassle

We take great pride in being an auto brake repair shop in Chicago, IL, that offers the honesty, integrity, and quality you and your vehicle deserve. We strive to keep our rates as reasonable as possible, so you can get the brake service you need without straining your budget. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and giving you the auto brake repair service you need. We got the extra mile to ensure your repeat business.

It’s Time To Check Your Brakes!

Contact us to schedule an appointment to get your brakes back in good operating condition.

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